Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Guide

American Food

**Burger King
This Burger franchise is world renowned for its delicious charbroiled burgers & fries.
*45th Avenue between Calles 16 and 18 (basically on the Highway/Carreterra/307)
*Food court in Plaza las Americas

**Johnny Rockets
Classic milkshakes, burgers and onion rings bring back memories to many.
*In the “Paseo del Carmen” shopping center at the southern end of 5th Avenue

Everyone knows this franchise….makes you feel like your back at home.
*5th Avenue between Juarez Avenue and Calle 2
*Highway 307 – 1st Street South & Highway 307

***Señor Frog’s
Offers a variety of Mexican and American delights with musical entertainment and a fun staff no one should miss.
*In front of the Cozumel pier, right on the beach.

Sandwiches, and more Sandwiches…every type, every combo….tons to choose from!
* Constituyentes right beside Scotia bank
* In the Plaza Parisio Building – across from Plaza Antiqua

**Tequila Barrel
Tequila Barrel is a great spot to sip a Margarita and watch the tourists go by. The menu offers American and Mexican food. Fun place…the place to see & be seen.
*On 5th Avenue between Calle 8 & Calle 10

Argentinean Food

****Buenos Aires
Serving 100% grilled Angus steaks. Wonderfully crispy salads and a good wine selection. Really nice restaurant… quiet and has great service.
*On Calle 6 between 5th and 10th Avenue

*****El 10
Argentinean grill that serves great steaks and Pizza. Delicious!
*5th Avenue & the corner of Calle 30

Canadian Alberta Beef… in the world….Excellent service…wonderful food…check out their website at
*5th Avenue and Calle Corazon 12 & 14

Asian and Sushi

****El Diablito Cha cha cha
Asian fusion, Asian, Contemporary, Seafood…..Great Service, Romantic Place.
*Calle 12 between 1st Avenue & 5th Avenue

*****Babe’s Noodle House 5 Star Kim’s Pick
Euro-Thai Fusion mix…..wonderful Coconut Soup…wonderful rolls….try the Vietnamese Shrimp salad ….or the Swedish Meatballs…….tasty and filling. Check out their web site at or

The food here is fresh and delicious, and the location makes for a great place to sit, relax and people watch. The menu is assorted and ranges from fabulous curries to Swedish meatballs and tasty soups, as well they are known for their famous “Mango Margarita’s”.

* Between Avenida 5 and 10 and Calle 10

***Sushi Ken
Classic Japanese dishes like chicken teriyaki, vegetable tempura, and miso soup, but their specialty (you guessed it!) is sushi. Their menu includes a wide array of rolls to choose from (everything from salmon rolls to barbecued beef rolls!) so no matter what kind of sushi you fancy, they’ve got something for everyone!
*10th Avenue and between Calle 10 and 15


****Queka 10
A truly authentic Mexican restaurant! It’s both delicious and cheap! Here you can watch as they actually make your food right in front of you from the freshest ingredients. Their menu includes many traditional dishes such as pollo (chicken) and arrachera (beef) tacos, but their specialty is quesadillas. They even have a long list of ingredients that you can choose from, so that you can enjoy a custom-made quesadilla! And the best part? Everything on the menu is just 10 pesos — less than one dollar! Where else could you get a delicious authentic Mexican meal for that price?
*10th Avenue between Calle 8 and 10

*****Los AguaChiles
One of our favorites…this quaint little local hang out….is Mexican food at its finest! They serve the best ceviche in town, one of our favorites is the “Los Figurines de Cameron” which is Butter cup lettuce filled with Shrimp Ceviche delicious!!! Or try the Popeye Shrimp Taco….Great service! Check this one out, you will not be disappointed! Lunch hours open 12:30–6:30 only!
*Between Avenue 25 and 30 and Calle 34

*****El Fogon
Good, simple, inexpensive Mexican food. Never a disappointment! A locals favorite; and you know what they say…eat where the locals eat!
*Constituents and 30th Avenue
*30th Avenue and corner of Calle 6
*30th Avenue and Calle 35

Healthy and inexpensive family owned and operated for more than a decade. Try the
Chicken Quesadillas and Vegetarian Omelet. Outstanding! Fast take out service.
*30th Avenue between Constituents and Calle 20

****La Cueva del Chango
Try the yogurt breakfast crepes. They are great and loaded with fruit, nuts, seeds, yogurt, granola and drizzled with honey. Fresh fruit juices…squeezed on site. Delicious! Great atmosphere…very unique with the colored bottle curved dome roof…and lush vegetation… Check out the you tube video.
*Calle 38 between 5th and 1st Avenue

*****Carboncitos (open for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Carboncitos is a well know and well visited restaurant in the Playa del Carmen scene. Clean, fresh food, makes Carboncitos a much anticipated place to see and be seen at. The menu is varied with fresh fish tacos, well-prepared beef and authentic Mayan dishes. So remember….The service is fabulous – and the food is even better….one of Playa’s authentic Mexican places.

* Between Avenida 5 and 10 and Calle 4


French breads and pastries. Wonderful wine selection. Escargot, Lobster Fricassee, Steak Tartar, Shrimp in vanilla sauce. Delicious!
10th Avenue and the corner of Calle 24

****Chez Celine
A Playa favorite… and an outstanding addition! Rich decadent food…good quantities…good prices and good service. Seating inside with the air conditioning or outside in the balmy Playa breeze….you decide. Try the Chocolate Croissants – Yummy!
*5th Avenue and Calle 34 (between Calle 32 & Calle 34)

Coffee Shops and Café’s

****Hot! Baking Company
Really great food! Fresh made Cinnamon buns! Eggs Benedict on Saturday and Sundays!
Great service and fast! What more could you ask for?
*Calle 14 between 5th and 10th
*At the end of the Centro Maya Mall near the Theaters

The American stand by….everyone knows what they have to offer…right?
*Paseo Del Carmen End of 5th Avenue south of the Ferry dock
*5th Avenue and corner of Calle 28
*5th Avenue and corner of Calle 10

****Karma Bagels
Bagels, sandwiches and salads…..honest clean food! Never had a bad bagel here!
*5th Avenue (upstairs) and corner of Constituents

*****Ah Cacao Chocolate Café
Mexican Chocolate at its finest! Wonderful coffee shop…wonderful chocolate mousse or brownies or chocolate…did I say chocolate…..Fabulous!!!!! Yum…Yum….Yum!!!
Oh ya…Did I mention the chocolate???
*Corner of 5th Avenue and Constituents
*Corner of 5th Avenue and Calle 30 /New location 5th Ave between Calle 38 and 40

Ice Cream & Yogurt

*****Haagen Dazs
Everyone’s favorite ice cream….what can we say…expensive …but delicious!
*5th Avenue and corner of Calle 30
*5th Avenue and corner of Calle 10
*Paseo Del Carmen (south of Ferry dock)

*****Popsicle Stores
You’ll find freezers filled with a dozen or more different kinds of popsicles and another dozen or more different kinds of ice cream.
These Popsicle and ice cream storefronts are all over Playa del Carmen. Get off 5th Avenue and just walk around! And YES they all use Bottled water!!!

Italian and Pizza

*****Don Mario’s
One of our favorites….excellent service, good prices…fabulous food! Steaks, Calamari, Fajitas and Brick oven Pizza….check out their YouTube video at:
*10th Avenue and Calle 8 (right on the corner)

*****Papa Charleys (dinner only)
A wonderful homestyle real Italian restaurant, great food, great prices, authentic
* Av 25 y Calle 30 & 32 on the corner ( seating behind)

***** Cheesters (closed Tuesday’s) 5 Star Kim’s Pick
Amazing Italian food….amazing service….huge portions…remember to bring your own take away containers…or they charge .50 for each
*40th Avenue between Calle 4 and Calle 4 bis

***** Casa Sofia (open lunch and dinner)
This busy, inexpensive little restaurant offers wonderful fresh made pastas, salads, steaks and pizza…great prices…great food.
Casa Sofia is another newest addition to Playa’s restaurant groups…this one is also Italian…..and it is also amazing!

* Plaza Coba  and Avenida Aviación


Middle Eastern and Mediterranean

Wonderful mixed Mediterranean fusion! Incredible ambiance! The place to see and be seen! Check out their web site at
*Corner of Calle 12 and 1st Avenida

Seafood/Steak Houses

*****HC de Monterrey
HC is a well known Mexican Steak Joint…and they deliver melt in your mouth steak…with a choice of baked potato or onion….garlic sour cream, half an avocado, and of course wedges of lime. Wonderful service!
*Constituyentes and 30th Avenida
*CTM and Avenida 10
*Calle 1 Sur and Between Avenida 20 and 25 (Only open till 5:00 PM) 5 Star Kim’s Pick

Just for the Scenery

*****Alux (pronounced “a-loosh”)
This is the place to go and see…and have a few drinks….this is our recommendation!
The Alux is built in amazing natural cave (dry Cenote). It is quite large allowing you and your someone special to find a quiet romantic corner. Ask the staff for a guided tour! Check out their web site at:
*Avenida Juarez, Mz. 12 Lote 13A, Col. Ejidal (Take a cab for 60.00 Pesos)

Something a little different!

*****Mayan Fruit Vendors: Fresh Fruit Snacks
For only around 40 pesos a cup, the women in traditional Mayan dresses working in the main square of Playa Del Carmen will sell you a large cup of fresh fruit. The fruit is fresh, juicy, and tastes fantastic (and don’t worry they use bottled water to clean the fruit) They offer: Pineapple, papaya, coconut, mango, and watermelon.
*Down by the Ferry Pier to Cozumel Beach & Ferry Dock

Just for Breakfast

*****Bajo Cafe for breakfast and lunch  8:00-3:00  5 Star Kim’s Pick

Try the Melba if you love Eggs Benny (a crisp hash brown basket with the best cooked eggs in town)

Artistic, inexpensive and delicious

* Calle 30 between Ave 25 y 30

*****Serendipity – (need a car or cab) 5 Star Kim’s Pick

Fabulous food…breakfast is my favorite! Try the huveocate Eggs Benny – awesome

Located on Street Julio de 28 off the highway

*****Imprevist (open breakfast lunch & dinner)

Love this place…one of the best breakfasts in town!

*Avenida 1 y Calle 14 y 16

All Around Great Food

*****​Blue Point Grill  (open for lunch and dinner)

Super new, and super good!

* Calle 34 across from Las AguasChiles

*****Ferron’s Jamaican Jerk Chicken (open for lunch and dinner)

All the locals are raving over this newest addition to Playa’s chicken scene. Almost everyone in Playa Del Carmen knows there are some good roast chicken places around, so another style of chicken is a welcome addition to the diversity of chicken taste. Jerk is made from allspice and Scott Bonnet peppers but can also have a host of other spices, so you can get a variety of flavors all under the name of jerk. The jerk seasoning at Ferron’s is not too heavy but if you want some flavor and spice they have a kicking spicy salsa. Ferron’s is now offering, fried chicken, and melt in your mouth ribs. This place delivers for under $4.00 …what a smoking great deal!

*Avenida 105 and Constituents

We also always recommend Playa’s most efficient food delivery service…check them out at: 

Delivery Cost is $40.00 pesos with Playa Now

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