Puerto Morelos – Area Information

Puerto Morelos began its life as a town with wooden houses, one dock and one main road to the coast with a small store. Despite is size or a beginning; Puerto Morelos has a bigger history than the two large cities that are located on either side (Cancún & Playa del Carmen).

Towards the end of the 19th century after the opening of the roadway to the coast settlers arrived slowly from all around México. The quaint town of Puerto Morelos began its life with the exportation of products the local population extracted and from the forests, including mahogany, chicle, vanilla, tobacco, cedar and cork.

This ended in 1923 when the demand for mahogany dropped off. The small city survived well with the maritime terminal of Puerto Morelos. During the 70’s hardwoods such as chechén (Metopium browne) were extracted and sold to the government to be used in the construction of the railroad.

In the late 1960’s the town was struck by Hurricane Beulah, creating the inclined lighthouse symbol that is used to represent Puerto Morelos today.

Until 2002 Puerto Morelos was used as a ferry port to Cozumel, then the Calica port was opened which is south of Playa del Carmen, and offers a much faster trip to Cozumel.

Puerto Morelos is rich with small shops, restaurants and plenty of new developments. The current population is under 15,000 people with a steady influx of curious tourists. Puerto Morelos offers beautiful untouched beaches with a small town atmosphere. Puerto Morelos is a great location to relax during your Caribbean holiday or to build a new Vacation home.

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