Puerto Morelos began its life as a town with wooden houses, one dock and one main road to the coast with a small store. Despite is size or a beginning; Puerto Morelos has a bigger history than the two large cities that are located on either side (Cancún & Playa del Carmen). Towards the end […]

A new edition in México, Puerto Aventuras was built just over ten years ago. This small marina town holds 5 star hotels, beautiful condos and private homes in a North American styled community, and is located just 20 minutes south of Playa del Carmen. Puerto Aventuras is a sophisticated, easygoing, secure gated community with a […]

The name Isla Mujeres is in memory of the goddess Ixchel. When the first settlers landed on the island they discovered the Mayan goddess Ixchel with her daughters. Over the years many famous women brought attention to the Island. Several statues are still on display today that show the amazing love stories that have unfolded […]

American Food **Burger King This Burger franchise is world renowned for its delicious charbroiled burgers & fries. *45th Avenue between Calles 16 and 18 (basically on the Highway/Carreterra/307) *Food court in Plaza las Americas **Johnny Rockets Classic milkshakes, burgers and onion rings bring back memories to many. *In the “Paseo del Carmen” shopping center at […]