International Advertising

When we advertise your properties, we do not just sit by and wait for print ads to bring new consumers, we use every avenue available to reach consumers all across the globe. To do this we have created a Social Media Network that lets prospective customers learn more about your properties, read guest comments and interact in a hassle free manner to inquire about vacation rentals.

We make sure that your website is connected to every network that will benefit it. To name a few, we use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tripadvisor, FlipKey, Airbnb, Trip Advisor, Rentals United, VRBO, Constant Contact and many more.

Our marketing team works around the clock to ensure all areas have been maximized online Internationally.

Your Brand

We have found in our experience that the mistake most companies and developers make when starting to rent their properties is handing all of the assets of their property marketing into the hands of their Property Manager or Management Company. This is a hit and miss process, but in the end if the Property Manager or Management Company should leave for any reason, they leave with all the information.

What Best Playa Rentals & Management proposes is something more stable and functional. This concept utilized properly in the hands of a good Management company is like a golden egg, as it alleviates the stress of human error. This means your Management Company can spend more time monitoring your property and working to keep guests happy and returning year after year.

We propose that for a moderate investment you build an online internet machine and then just let the Management Company of your choice drive it.

We work with a Canadian company that creates customized websites for us at a very reasonable rate. This means you own the site indefinitely, but we will build all the content as if it was our own. The only costs we want you to cover are the programming hours and photography fees. We also have a deal with an amazing local photographer for our projects, so that in the end you will have a strong standing brand with an independent database and professional photos that you own.

Website Programming

CMS system that integrates with all social media and can be maintained annually, 6 months free website hosting included.

$500 USD


Professional photography
(3 bedroom, 2 bedroom Penthouse, 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom), Common Areas and Gym

$500 USD

Domain prices vary between $12.99 USD – 79.99 USD annually.
Hosting annually is $75 USD, with option to lock rates for up to 3 years.

LIVEREZ System – Fully automated booking system. So your staff receives confirmations not questions!

$5000 USD – Includes; website design, hosting, payment system incorporation, reservations booking system, content management system, and support.